Prairie Landscapes

Hi everyone,

Today I have for you a set of nine landscapes from the vast open prairies.

The paintings are done digitally by myself, and uses the base game mesh "Painting Fairy Tale Fantasy", and yes, called "Prairie Landscapes".  Note that this is also a two tile painting.

If your Sims are feeling a bit stressed, hopefully the views of these wide open spaces can sooth them!

As always, I hope you enjoy!

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About the author

Sim Picasso
Thanks for stopping by! I am someone who appreciates art and music, being an advanced classical pianist and novice violinist; I believe art and music go hand in hand. I love visiting museums and reading up on art. Creating these little masterpieces for the Sims 3 has given me the opportunity to express my art side. I hope you enjoy!


Very nice work, nice page! Hope to see more from you!

Sim Picasso said...

Hi Rebecca, thank you for the comment! There will be definitely lots more coming!! See you around the site. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for sharing your work with us.
~God bless, and happy New Year~

Sim Picasso said...

Your very welcome and Happy New Year to you also!

gldkelly said...

Hi There Sim Picasso, you've done very well here!
Nice to see good stuff! Hope to see more from you!

Sim Picasso said...

Hi gldkelly......thanks for the comment! Yes, there will be lots more!!!

Tweety said...

Thanks a lot for sharing with us! Not only the paintings choice is great, but the frames are of a very good taste. Have a beautiful week!

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