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Today I have a set of children's illustrations by Elsa Beskow.  This was a request from my request page.

Elsa Beskow (1874 - 1953) was a Swedish author and illustrator of children's books.  Among her better know books are:

  • Tale of the Little Little Old Woman
  • Aunt Green, Aunt Brown and Aunt Lavender 
  • The Sun Egg
  • Ollie's Ski Trip
  • Children of the Forest
  • Peter in Blueberry Land
  • Woody, Hazel and Little Pip

In 1894 Beskow started to contribute to the children's magazine Jultomten.  Overall, she would publish some forty books with her own text and images.  Beskow frequently combined reality with elements from the fairy tale world.  She became one of the most well know of all Swedish children's book artists.  Many of her books became classic and are continually reprinted. 

This is a set of nine recolors, and are two tile in size.

Hope you enjoy!

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Thanks for stopping by! I am someone who appreciates art and music, being an advanced classical pianist and novice violinist; I believe art and music go hand in hand. I love visiting museums and reading up on art. Creating these little masterpieces for the Sims 3 has given me the opportunity to express my art side. I hope you enjoy!


These are truly beautiful! thank you so much for sharing them. I had lots of comments when I used one of the images in my build and directed people to your site. I really appreciate what you do, thank you

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