Georges Seurat

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Today I have another request from my request page for some Seurat paintings.  This is a set of nine paintings that are two tile in size.

Georges Pierre Seurat (1859 - 1891) was a French Post-Impressionist painter and draftsman.  He is noted for his innovative use of drawing media and for devising the technique of painting known as pointillism.  His large-scale work "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" altered the direction of modern art by initiating Neo-Impressionism. It is on of the icons of late 19th century painting.

Seurat died in Paris on March 29, 1891 at the age young age of 31, the cause  of death is uncertain.

These are base game compatible.

As always, I hope you enjoy!

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Thanks for stopping by! I am someone who appreciates art and music, being an advanced classical pianist and novice violinist; I believe art and music go hand in hand. I love visiting museums and reading up on art. Creating these little masterpieces for the Sims 3 has given me the opportunity to express my art side. I hope you enjoy!


Gloria Puel said...

Your work is absolutely stunning! I love classic art, and I have to say that literally EVERYTHING on your site is well worth downloading and adding to my game. I'm so happy to have found your site. I do hope you will continue to keep creating this delightful art for our games. You truly are a genius!

Danendra H said...

There's a special place in heaven for you mate

Anonymous said...

Thank you for creating these downloads. I love art and seeing these pieces bring a certain class to my game. Your content is greatly appreciated.

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