Hi everyone!

I thought that I would start a request page.  This site is for you and I would love to do some requests that you may have.

If you have a request, please let me know the name of the artist and if you are looking for the object to have frames or not. Also, if you have a link to what you are looking for, that would help also.  Just use the comments to place a request and I'll try to get to it as soon as I can.

Sim Picasso


Anonymous said...

You really should do paintings by Elsa Beskow. Her paintings would fit perfectly in the nursery! Try to google her name and you will se! Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

It would really be cool if you could do some Seurat paintings :)

Anonymous said...

hi!I'm a huge fan of your work, since I really appreciate people who love Art. It could be nice if you tried to create some paintings with Caravaggio works! He was a great painter! Please try! Have a nice day ;)

Von said...
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Von said...

Sorry, had to delete my previous comment. I really enjoy your creations for the sims 3. Please keep up the good work. I can't wait to see what your next collection will be.

Anonymous said...

can you make some pop art like jasper johns or red grooms

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if you try to create some Nicolas Poussin's paintings.His works are admirable!

Lyn Chiles said...

What a wonderful art site for our Sims. I have a favourite painting by Conrad Kiesel called After The Ball. Is it possible to make a Sims 3 painting of it? Thanking you for all your work. Cheer's, Lyn

Anonymous said...

Hi! I absolutely love your work. I was so glad when I stumbled across your site because I really don't think enough artwork comes in the game. I would like to request some of Rembrant's or Jan Vermeer's work, they are two of my favorite!

David Allen said...

Hi there your sim grace. I have been a fan of your creations since The Sims 2. Your 18th Century furnishings is was got me hooked. I would like to request if you may some of the infamous and my favorite French monarch Louis XIV paintings by my favorite painter and famous monarch painter Hyacinthe Rigaud. I have no idea of a Frame, but a Barouqe or Rococo style frame. Thank you for still having love of the game although I would love to see conversions of your Sims 2 work for the Sims 3. Thank you for reading.

David A.

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Hi.. I love all of the artists you have chosen; renaisance art is my favorite! So, I have a request. You mentioned in your comments on the Bouguereau paintings that you wanted to do more paintings by Bouguereau. I truly hope you do so, and speaking of... when you decide do more of them, can you please do "The Story Book"?

I would love to see his art in a series/set of 4-6 small paintings to fit 2/3 squares of a wall. I would also love to see a series with his sisters paintings, such as "Childhood Idyll"(1900) and "Not Too Much To Carry" (1895) paintings.

I truly wish I knew how to make Sims 3 paintings; I would do so many artists myself and share them with the world too. Thank you so much for making what you have and for considering my ideas.

Rubie Red said...

I just discovered this blog - I also love the sims. Have you done any Van Gough paintings? If you have'nt could you please do some. Thanks!

First of all, thanks for your wonderful Blog: I've downloaded and used all of your creations!

My request: porting the paintings for the Sims4

Other requests: Matisse (esp the Blue Nudes), Chagall, Hopper, and Dali.

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I absolutly admire your work. It would be great if you try to create some Jean-Marc Janiaczyk's paintings. Thanks!

Mad Baros said...

do Mucha works! please!

Anonymous said...

Hey, love all your creations!! I have a request for you to made (if you can, of course).
Paintings for the Sims 3: I wanted some paintings of Leonardo (The Virgin of the Rocks, Lady with the ermine, and the copy of the Mona Lisa of the PRADO, despite not being of him I love it and I really wanted^^), Titian (for example the biggest paintings like Venus and Adonis, Danaë, the Rape of Europe), Velazquez (portraits, especially the Louvre's ones) and Raphael, I love him!!! (The Prado paintings).
Thank you so much!!!!

L.A. Stevens said...

Your work is amazing -- but then it would be, given the subject matter. Still, I really appreciate your efforts. It makes my Sims 3 art gallery the envy of the world :)

I saw Picasso's The Jester (a bronze) once, and I've never forgotten it. It really had a lasting effect on me. I would LOVE to see a bust of it.


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